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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sidebar, anyway?

Sidebar is a tool that lets you easily gather teammates across Slack into a discrete, temporary and time-boxed channel to collaborate and get work done. Once the time-box is over, Sidebar automates archiving the channel so that your Slack channel list stays tidy.

How does it work?

To use Sidebar, type the /sidebar command along with the name of your channel and the teammates you want to invite.

A full example will look like this:

/sidebar product launch @glenn @gilfoyle @jian @laurie

Sidebar will then ask you to choose a duration for the time-box as well as a purpose for the channel. Your new Sidebar channel will be created and will be prefixed with -sb- so that your entire team knows that room is for temporary, focused collaboration.

Once the time-box is over, the channel organizer will get an automated message that lets them easily archive the Sidebar channel.

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